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Bloxo Pod

$149.00 $179.00 saving $30.00

Bloxo Pod

$149.00 $179.00 saving $30.00

The patented Bloxo Pod is a compact and portable sheltering unit designed to provide you with cool, comfortable coverage and optimal weather protection.
The multipurpose Bloxo Pod is ideal for families and children watching sporting events from the sideline; spending a day at the beach; employees working at outdoor entertainment venues; production industry staff; security attendants; construction workers; and so much more.

The canopy is constructed using high-quality polypropylene and a strong steel pole frame engineered for structural stability and enhanced support. The Bloxo Pod folds into a compact footprint that can be easily stored in the included Bloxo duffle bag. The quick assembly can be setup in minutes.

The unit provides ample comfortable space for one person and easily holds a space for a chair. Features include: 
* Integrated pockets to store your personal items, such as your cell phone, car keys, clipboard, water bottle and much more.
* Large front opening, with roll up door, that lets you catch all the action, providing a wide frame of view, while provide sun and window protection, as well as privacy window options
*3 zip up windows on all sides to provide circulation and great visibility